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п»їFriendship at first sight: What does science say? |
Is there friendship at first sight? There are people with whom you feel an immediate affinity, people who generate trust and with whom we feel comfortable from the first moment. Science has called it the chemistry of friendship, and notes that friendship at first sight exists.
Chemistry of friendship that has an effect similar to falling in love or love at first sight and that can arise at any time and place. The answer is in the first impressions, keys so that friendship emerges instantaneously, as a study has published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Friendship and science
Friendship and science go hand in hand to reveal which areas of the brain are involved in the impressions that we form and that make a friendship forge in a matter of seconds. The two areas involved are the amygdala, involved in emotions, and the posterior cingulate cortex, associated with autobiographical memory and which allows decisions to be analyzed and to give a value to people and objects.
When we meet someone, our brain starts working to gather the maximum information to value that person, look for common affinities, similarities and interests, and decide if we want to be friends. Vital experiences also play an important role in weighing the pros and cons of the information collected, and even the intuition not to fall into toxic friendships. Quick judgments to decide if the person meets our expectations, the first step to sow the seed of friendship and make it lasting.
There is another interesting aspect that scientists maintain, and not everyone is lucky enough to experience the chemistry of friendship. Having a sociable, kind and outgoing personality increases the chances of discovering what friendship is at first sight. Being a woman also favors the creation of this instantaneous bond, since we are more likely to show emotions, which in turn would explain why friendship between women helps even fight stress.
There are also a series of premises, as the study by the California State University in San Bernardino points out, that favor friendship flowing spontaneously from the start. Premises like the other person is fun, that is a person to trust and provide emotional support.

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